A Local Eatery

317 Spring Steet Se
Gainesville, Ga 30501
Phone: 770-287-8384


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About Us

Tim & Tina

It all started with a dream to offer quality food to our hometown. With a passion for serving others well and a belief that quality, fresh products are the first step to great food, 2 Dog opened its doors to the Gainesville community in 1997 and has been in its current location since 2006.  Since that time, Tim’s vision and dedication to keeping everything about 2 Dog local (along with his self-taught culinary skills) have made 2 Dog a local favorite in our “big, little town.”

At 2 Dog, we go to great lengths to provide more than just great food. For us, 2 Dog is a way of life that is incorporated into everything we do. Our children have grown up in our restaurant, and our wonderful staff are like family. We are passionate about food, people, and our community and strive to create a local menu and experience for our customers. We partner with a local farm for seasonal produce. Tim bakes fresh bread every morning; herbs are cut fresh from our garden; and sauces, salads and desserts are all made in-house. Additionally, we serve fresh fish, poultry and beef with sausage made in-house and all meats smoke on-site. All our glass, plastic and paper collected during the week are taken to the recycling center. We take pride in keeping everything as close to home as we can and in being a positive presence in the community. 

For us 2 Dog is more than a restaurant. It is a movement, and we are privileged to be a part of it. Come join us for a meal, and we hope you enjoy our efforts. We have a noisy dining room full of laughter, good food and friends. We look forward to seeing you soon!